Ahom system of administration: the Paik system

Paik system forms the most important factor in the social and the political organisation of the Ahoms Kingdom.The entire fabric of their rule was based on this system. The word paik was designated by the Ahoms to the individuals forming the rank and file of their compulsory labour service. The Pik System was systematically implemented … Read more

Sukapha and establishment of Ahom Kingdom in Assam

Ahoms was  a Tai-Mongoloid group who migrated to Assam from around present-day Yunan Province of China. Siu -ka -pha was the first Ahom king in Assam. The Ahoms were given stiff resistance by the Kacharis who dominated eastern Assam. But slowly and steadily, through a policy of conciliation and assimilation and military might, the Ahoms … Read more

Neolithic Culture of Assam

A.H. Dani (1960) has devided the Neolithic Cultures of Assam into six distinct zones: namely Cachar Hills Zone, Sadiya Frontiers, Naga Hills Zone, Khasi Hills Zone, Garo Hills Zone, and Brahmaputra Valley Zone. Regarding the discovery of Neolithic tools and implements in the Brahmaputra valley, it has been written that the materials available for study … Read more