Political conditions of the Brahmaputra valley at the time of foundation of the Ahom kingdom.

The dynasty of Pralamba assumed power at around 800 A.D. There were around twenty rulers from this dynasty. By 1000 A.D, the Pal dynasty came into focus with the rule of Brahma Pal. Several rulers from this dynasty ruled till the 11 century. By 1100 A.D., there again developed a reign of confusion in the kingdom of Kamrupa with no definite ruler. The kingdom of Kamarupa disintegrated, resulting in the emergence of many petty chiefs at different places.

The political condition of Assam has changed with the downfall of Pala dynasty and the continuous invasion of Turko-Afgan of 12  century A.D. The capital of Kamrupa has transferred from Kamrup to Kamatapur of Kochbihar in the middle of the 13  century and then north east Bengal became the political centre of the state.

Several independent or semi independent chiefs, Feudal lord, Bhuyans rose in the adjoining areas of Nogaon, Morigaon, Lakhimpur, Darrang, Sonitpur and Kamrup distrcts. At the same time, the Bodos had established independent kingdom in the area between the Dikhou and Kapili in the northern bank Brahamaputra. Again the Morans and Barahis had established their own statein upper Assam. The Ahoms initially established a tiny state in between the Buridihing and Dikhou river. The Chutiyas had created an independent state centering today’s Sadiya and some parts of north Lakhimpur Dhemaji, Dibrugarh, and Tinchukia district. Therefore in between 13 and 16 century, there were some parallel state in Assam sych as Kamata Rajya, Barabhuyans, Kachari, Ahom and Chutiyas.

At that time, western Kamarupa was being ruled by the chiefs of the Bodo people, Koch and Mech tribes. In central Assam the Kachari kingdom was growing, and further east, the Sutiya kingdom. The Ahoms, who would establish a strong and independent kingdom later, began building their state structures in the region between the Kachari and the Sutiya kingdoms.

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