History and Culture of Assam

Historical Introduction to Assam: From Pre-Historic to Independence and Strategy to cover it for APSC Prelims and Mains Exam

Art ,Handicrafts  and Paintings  Forms of Assam

British Rule in Assam

Constitution and reorganization  of Assam

Fairs and Festivals of Assam

Folk Dances of Assam

Folk Songs of Assam

Former princely States of Assam and Zamindaris

Freedom Movement in Assam

History of Assam from Vedic age to Gupta Period

Languages and Literature of Assam

Major dynasties of Assam

Revolt of 1857 in Assam

Workers, Peasant and Tribal Movements in Assam

Medevial History of Assam
Mordern History of Assam
  • Establishment and Consolidation of the British rule – Reforms and Reorganizations 
  • Ahom Monarchy in Upper Assam (1833-38)
  • Annexation of Cachar
  • Early phase of Revolts and Resistance to British rule- Gomdhar Konwar, Piyali Phukan, U.Tirut Singh,
  • The Khamti and the Singpho rebellion
  • The 1857 Revolt in Assam and its aftermath.
  • Establishment of Chief Commissionership in Assam.
  • Land Revenue Measures and Peasant Uprisings in 19th century Assam
  • Growth of national consciousness – Assam Association, Sarbajanik Sabhas, and the Rayat Sabhas
  • Government of India Act, 1919 – Dyarchy on Trial in Assam.
  • Non Co-operation Movement and Swarajist Politics in Assam
  • The Civil Disobedience Movement in Assam
  • Trade Union and Allied Movements in Assam
  • Tribal League and Politics in Assam
  • Migration, Line System and its Impact on Politics in Assam
  • Quit India Movement in Assam.
  • Cabinet Mission Plan and the Grouping Controversy – the Sylhet Referendum.

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