Expansion of the Ahom Kingdom in the 16 century- Suhungmung Dihingiya Raja (1497-1539)

The reign of Suhungmung Dihingiya Raja broke from the early Ahom rule and established a multi-ethnic polity in his kingdom. Under him the Ahom Kingdom expanded greatly for the first time since Sukaphaa, at the cost of the Sutiya and the Kachari kingdoms.

He also successfully defended his kingdom against the first Muslim invasions under Turbak Khan. During his time, the Khen dynasty collapsed and the Koch dynasty ascended in the Kamata kingdom.

Suhungmung had to resist an invasion led by some Muslim Generals from Bengal. His contemporaries ruling in Bengal were Alauddin Hussain Shah and Nusrat Shah. It was during the rule of Nusrat Shah,  Assam was invaded by an army under a General called Bar Ujir.  The Ahom army led by Koncheng Barpatra Gohain defeated the Bar Ujir in 1527.
Another General, Turbak Khan , invaded Assam in 1532. He was a a very efficient general and the Ahomd took 3 years to defeat him finally. The vuctorious Ahom army pursued after the retreating Muslim soldiers as far as the Karatoya river.

His general, Tonkham, pursued the Muslims up to the Karatoya river, the western boundary of the erstwhile Kamarupa Kingdom, the farthest west an Ahom king had ventured in its entire six hundred years of rule.

He was the first Ahom king to adopt a Hindu title, Swarganarayana, indicating a move towards an inclusive polity; and Ahom kings came to be known as the Swargadeo (heaven-lord). He is also called the Dihingia Raja, because he made Bakata on the Dihing River his capital.

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