DMPQ:Attaining impeccable integrity is a daunting task but there is negative perception in Public regarding survival of impeccable integrity. According to you what are the reasons for such Perceptions?

Integrity is the full convergence of actions and thoughts. When these two components meet impeccable integrity is achieved. It is one of the foundational values which are expected of civil servant. But there is public perception that integrity cannot be achieved. The reasons are as follows:

  1. There is a general perception that people with impeccable integrity can’t survive long inpublic services. This false assumption is the result of slow progress that we have achievedtowards tackling corruption. Today, a large section of society thinks that corruption isinevitable and is required for smooth functioning of the administration.
  2. One who selflessly performs his/her duties is subject to pressure from friends, family, andhigher-ups and also from societal pressures of accumulating wealth and self aggrandization.
  3. Cases of transfers, punishment appointments, denying due position on promotions toofficers with impeccable integrity and on clash of interest by political class.

The ill will against the system made the people think that civil servants are compromising on integrity but this is not true as there are numerous example which will defy this generalisation. Example T N sheshan, Ashok Khemka, Vinod Rai etc.  There is the need of the hour for civil servants to work on the sanctity of integrity and at the same time the bureaucratic structure shall be immune from the undue political interference.


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