DMPQ:The advent of British no doubt bring hardship, plunder, famine etc. But the British rule left behind some positive developments too. Do you agree ?

200 years of British rule had some positive developments too and they eventually led to the formation of Modern India. The positive developments are as follows:

  • Economy: A well-developed railway network across India. Immediately after independence,

India could setup heavy industries because of this reason. Telegraph and postal system – post offices till today form the backbone of ruralcommunications and other activities.

  • From Cornwallis Code in 1793 to setting up High Courts in governor presidencies, theBritish gave India a strong judicial system. Established a formal police force as separate from administration. Civil Services started by the British are the bedrock of Indian bureaucracyA Constitutional framework through Act of 1935 upon which the ConstituentAssembly could build a robust Indian Constitution.
  • Social and Academic: Reforms like Abolition of Sati, Widow Remarriage, and Women Education changedthe face of Indian society forever. Introduced modern and scientific education in English medium and setup universitiesthroughout India. The demand for English speaking Indian labor in western countriesis a testimony to the same British brought Indian Culture, Arts and Architecture out of oblivion by setting up theAsiatic Society of Bengal and Archaeological Survey of India.
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