DMPQ-Write the features of Vijaynagar architecture.

Features are as follows: Synthesis of Dravidian architecture with Islamic style. Carved pillars with horse as the common motif. Kalyan mandapas or open pavilions and long multi pillared halls. Exceptionally large gopurams. Fortification of temples with more specious enclosure. Chariots streets paved with stone slabs and lined with pillared pavilions. Large tanks and canals for … Read more

Cathedral Architecture

 Cathedral architecture The history of cathedral architecture begins around the year 312 CE. When the Byzantine emperor, Constantine I, publicly converted to Christianity and legitimized Christianity as a formal religion, the Christian church as we know it was formally organized. Although there were impressive buildings long before, calling these structures cathedrals would be … Read more

DMPQ- Chandela architecture

The name Khajuraho is derived from its Sanskrit nomenclature ‘Kharjuravahaka’ which is the confluence of two Sanskrit words ‘Kharjur’ meaning date palm and ‘Vahaka’ meaning bearer. There are about 25 temples spread over an area of approximately 6 square Km. The temples are grouped into three categories depending on their orientation – the Western Group … Read more

DMPQ- Contribution of Pallavas to the architecture.

The glory of the Pallavas still remains in their contribution to the art and architecture. They were the pioneers of South Indian art and architecture. They had introduced the stone architecture in the Tamil country. Their contributions are still extant because granite was used for building temples and carving sculptures. The Pallava architecture had evolved … Read more

DMPQ: Write an essay on the development of Architecture during Chalukyas.

The Badami Chalukya era was an important period in the development of South Indian architecture. The kings of this dynasty were called Umapati Varlabdh and built many temples for the Hindu god Shiva. Their style of architecture is called “Chalukyan architecture” or “Karnata Dravida architecture”. Nearly a hundred monuments built by them, rock cut (cave) … Read more

DMPQ: Discuss the features of Nagara style of architecture( history)

  The temples of Nagara style were built on rectangular based platform. The main structure which housed the chief god and chief goddess was known as Garbagriha. The inner walls of garbagriha were plain without any carvings The image of the deities were placed on peetha. Outer walls were decorated by carving different designs and … Read more

Art, Sculpture and Architecture in Kushana Empire

  The Kushana period witnessed a remarkable development in art, sculpture and architecture. The Gandhara School of Art and Sculp­ture marked a happy blending of the Graceo-Romano-Buddhist style and techniques. The distinguishing features of the Gandhara Sculp­ture owed their origin to Greek and Roman styles yet the art essen­tially was Indian in spirit. The Gandhara … Read more

Salient features of Architecture – Forts and Monuments

The architecture of Rajasthan is mainly based on the Rajput school of architecture which was a blend of the Hindu and Mughal structural design. The stupendous forts, the intricately carved temples and the grand havelis of the state are integral parts of the architectural heritage of the state. The Rajputs were prolific builders. Some of … Read more