DMPQ:What are the Major issues between India and China?

Issues are as follows:

Border dispute between India and China:

  1. Issue of River sharing, Construction of dams on brahamputra river
  2. Growing China-Pak Nexus, Pakistan offering disputed area with India to CHINA for creation of OBOR, China Pakistan Economic Corridor
  3. China not supporting India at international level like not supporting India forNSG membership.
  4. Development of Strategic ports in the surrounding countries of India which is termed as string of pearls.
  5. Dumping of cheap Chinese products.
  6. Trade imbalances: It is skewed in China’s favour viz. $52 billion when total trade volume was of the value of $84.44 billion in 2017
  7. Support of India to a Tibetan Government.
  8. China began the practice of issuing stapled visa to residents of Arunachal Pradesh and Pakistan occupied Jammu & Kashmir, though it stopped it for PoK but continues for AP.

The irritants can be resolved by isolating the different issues. The compartmentalisation of the issues is the need of the Hour. Economic relations need to be isolated with border issues. All track of diplomacy must be utilised. India should learn from the success of China in Industrial sector and its surplus exchange as an investment option in India.


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