DMPQ-How empathy affects the Governance?

Empathy allows the leaders and administrators become more aware of the changing environment and are willing to adopt and do things differently. Adaptability provides leaders an advantage in cross cultural situations and prevents them from offending employees.

It helps administrators to increase their capacity and willingness to understand situations and accept the proposed changes and opinions of others.  It allows administrators to make work environment more enjoyable and productive. It promotes superior listening which in turn facilitates the development of inter personal relations. It increases the power to read between the lines and take appropriate decisions. It reduces relationship barriers. Relationships stemming from empathy are likely to enhance the perception of leader’s integrity and credibility.

Empathetic administrations are more likely to have an appropriate degree of openness about diversity and differences between cultures. It also plays an important role in  developing trust in admin employee relationship. It promotes the intergroup interaction, conflict management, emotional control, social awareness, innovation, team work atc.



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