DMPQ: What is Universal Health Coverage ? Discuss the problem with Health Sector in India?

Universal Health coverage means accessibility of health care to one and all without creating financial hardship. According to WHO, out of pocket expenditure in health sector is 63% whereas the recommended level is 10-15%. There are problems associated with health sector:

  1. Expenditure on health is just 2.5% of GDP it has to be near about 4% for achieving the objective of Universal health coverage.
  2. According to US study, India is short of 6 lakh doctors and 20 million nurses.
  3. Lack of Tertiary sector across the nation. It is limited to few cities. Ex. Lack of AIIMS
  4. Low expenditure on R&D to find out cure for diseases.
  5. Globalisation has exposed India to various deadly disease like Zika, MERS,H5N1 etc.
  6. Poor hygienic condition and urban slums increase vulnerability of Communicable disease.
  7. Poor knowledge about the government schemes and policies.


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