Should there be educational criteria for contesting elections? Critically analyse( Polity)

Supreme court of India in its judgement rightly stated that it is only education which gives a human being the power to discriminate between right and wrong, good or bad. Hence educational criteria is valid criteria.  The states under article 246(3) can make laws to enable the functioning of self -government. The benefits attached with setting up the criteria are:

  • It ensures that candidate with basic education enables to more effectively discharge various duties which befall the elected representatives.
  • Better decision making and administrative efficiency
  • Will inspire others and motivate others to get education.
  • It will help to deal with social evils in the rural areas. Like getting above caste system and untouchability etc.
  • Educated representative can understand the things in better way and can implement them in much efficient way.

But there is a flip side, implementing of the rule will certainly leand to :

  • Exclusion of most of the people hence denying them of equality of opportunity under article 14.
  • Major exclusion will be of the lower strata of society and all already marginalised group like SC,ST and women
  • Wisdom is more important than education. Indian education system does not guarantee wisdom.
  • Implementing such rule is an escapism route for the state. State should first achieve literacy and then it should be implemented.

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