Post-Saraighat Assam Ascendancy of the Tungkhungia dynasty – the reign of Gadadhar Singha.

The kings of the Tungkhungia family ruled in Assam for 145 years, A.D. 1681—1826. The dynasty has derived its name from the village Tungkhung or ‘Tingkhang in Upper Assam where they had’ their ancestral residence. Gadadhar Singha was the founder of the Tunghhungia dynasty, and the princes, of this line exercised the reins of government till the termination of Ahom rule in- 1826.

Gadadhar Singha ruled the country for fifteen years, 1681 to 1696 A.D. With an iron hand he put an end to the intrigues and machinations of the preceding period. Western Assam was wrested back from the Moguls in July 1682, and the . boundaries of Assam were restored to their original limit. The river Manaha became as of old the western limit of Assam, Peace and order were estabHshed and the people began to live with confidence and security.

He was a Shaivite, as were his succeeding kings, and his reign saw the beginning of the conflict between the Sattra and the Ahom kings. To help propagate this form of Hindu worship he built the Shiva temple Uma Nanda Temple(Devaloi) at the Peacock island in middle of river Brahmaputra at Guwahati.

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