Advent Of Islam

 Advent of Islam and its impact on Indian Society Advent of Islam In India: Islam first arrived in India via the sea trade routes, along with Islamic invaders and Sufi mystics, and subsequently became a major religion in the Indian sub-continent. Since the early part of the 8th century AD, Arab traders had … Read more

DMPQ:The advent of British no doubt bring hardship, plunder, famine etc. But the British rule left behind some positive developments too. Do you agree ?

200 years of British rule had some positive developments too and they eventually led to the formation of Modern India. The positive developments are as follows: Economy: A well-developed railway network across India. Immediately after independence, India could setup heavy industries because of this reason. Telegraph and postal system – post offices till today form … Read more

DPPQ-The Advent of the Europeans-Portugese

Question:Vasco da Gama, a Portuguese mariner disembarked at the Indian port of Calicut in >>>1498 >>>1398 >>>1598 >>>1698 Question:Which european nation was first to establish trading centres in India >>>Portugese >>>French >>>English >>>Dutch Question:The Hindu ruler of Calicut during the disembarked of Vasco da Gama wasknown as >>>Zamorin >>>Mappila >>>Marakkar >>>Kolathiri Question:The first Portuguese factory … Read more