DMPQ:What is Private Member Bill and Public Bill? (polity)

Private member bill is introduced by the member other than the minister. It reflects the stand of opposition party on public matter. It has lesser chance to be approved by the Parliament.Its rejection by the House has no implication on the parliamentary confidence inthe government or its resignation. Its introduction in the House requires one month’s notice.Its drafting is the responsibility of the member concerned.

Public Bill: It is introduced in the Parliament by a minister. It reflects of the policies of the government (ruling party).It has greater chance to be approved by the Parliament. Its rejection by the House amounts to the expression of want of parliamentaryconfidence in the government and may lead to its resignation. Its introduction in the House requires seven days’ notice. It is drafted by the concerned department in consultation with the law department.APSC Notes brings Prelims and Mains programs for APSC Prelims and APSC Mains Exam preparation. Various Programs initiated by APSC Notes are as follows:-

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