DMPQ: Jinnah turn down Rajagopalchari proposal as it offered a ‘Mutilated and moth-eaten Pakistan. What was the Rajagopalchari formula? ( History)

C rajagopalchari tried to resolve the deadlock between muslim league and Congress to arrive at a solution. He proposed a formula to address the issues between the two different political entity. The plan was given in 1944 and a formula to hold talks with jinnah. The following is the formula:

  • The muslim league while endorsing the Indian demand for independence should cooperate with the congress in the formation of provincial interim government for the transitional period.
  • After the end of the war, a commission to be appointed for demarcation of contiguous districts in the North west and North east which had absolute majority.
  • Plebiscite for inhabitants in them on the question of separate state on the basis of adult suffrage.
  • It will be open to all parties to advocate their point of view before plebiscite is held.
  • In the case of partition, essential common services like defence, commerce . communication and other essential sectors were to be run together.
  • Any transfer of population shall only be on an absolute voluntary basis.
  • The scheme would only be implemented after the full transfer of power by the British.


Jinnah wanted the Congress to accept the two-nation theory. He wanted only the Muslims of North-West and North-East to vote in the plebiscite and not the entire population. He also opposed the idea of a common centre.

Hence, while the Congress was ready to cooperate with the League for the independence of the Indian Union, the League did not care for independence of the Union. It was only interested in a separate nation.

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