Buddhist Councils

I Buddhist Council 500 BC at Ajatsataru . Record the Buddha’s sayings (sutra) and codify
Rajgaha Presided by monastic rules (vinaya). Rajgaha is today’s
Mahakasyapa Rajgir
II Buddhist Council 383 BC at Kalasoka The conservative schools insisted on monastic
Vaishali rules (vinaya). The secessionist Mahasangikas
argued for more relaxed monastic
rules.Rejection of the Mahasanghikas
III Buddhist Council 250 BC Ashoka.. Purpose was to reconcile the different schools of
Pataliputra Buddhism. Presided by Moggaliputta Tissa
IV Buddhist Council 100 AD Kanishka Division into Hinayana & Mahayana. Theravada
Kashmir Presided by Buddhism does not recognize the authenticity of
Vasumitra & this council, and it is sometimes called the
Asvaghosha “council of heretical monks”.
V Buddhist Council 1871 King Mindon recite all the teachings of the Buddha and
Myanmar examine them in minute detail to see if any of
them had been altered
VI Buddhist Council 1954 P.M. U Nu




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