DMPQ-Enumerate the threat to biodiversity in India.

Geo-demographic load: India Supports 17% population of the world with only 2.4% area of the world. This ever increasing population is putting great pressure on the natural resources of the country. Climate change Deforestation Habitat loss and fragmentation Overexploitation leading to shortening of Earth Overshoot day. Natural Calamities. Invasive species like water hyacinth, Congress grass, … Read more

SEZs And Industrial Corridors Of India

 SEZs and Industrial Corridors of India SEZ The SEZ Corridor is an emerging corridor implementing a number of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) along the Grand Southern Trunk Road (NH 45) in Chennai. Started with the establishment of the Madras Export Processing Zone in 1984 (converted to a SEZ in 2003), the SEZ corridor … Read more

The Rise And Growth Of All India Kisan Sabha

 The rise and growth of All India Kisan Sabha Discontentment among peasants was inevitably endemic in the twentieth century. As a result, a number of agrarian uprisings took place either to change the system, which the peasants thought to be exploitative, or to seek redress for particular grievances without necessarily aiming at overthrowing … Read more

Inter Religious Unity And Communalism In British India

 Inter Religious Unity and Communalism in British India This country was under the colonial rule of the British and after a long struggle gained freedom in 1947. In 1949, the constituent assembly enacted the new constitution which came into effect in 1950. Thus, the contemporary history of this country can be divided into … Read more

India Russia

 India’s relations with Russia India-Russia relationship has evolved into an equal partnership. The deep roots of this relationship go back to the early 20th century when India was under British rule and the Czars ruled Russia. The Russian Revolution of 1905 inspired Indian freedom fighters. Mahatma Gandhi was also struck by the similarity … Read more

Applications Of Space Technology In India

 Applications of Space Technology in India Agriculture Information on crop statistics is required for planning and decision making purposes, such as, distribution and storage of food grains, Govt. policies, pricing, procurement and food security and so on. Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare effectively uses contemporary techniques of satellite remote sensing in such … Read more

Cotton Textile Industry In India

 Cotton textile industry in india India is known worldwide for its production of textiles in general, and cotton in particular, both being major industries for the country. Indian textile industry is the mother of all industries and is among the world‟s top producers of yarns and fabrics. Textile industry is one of the … Read more

Cottage And Village Industries In India

 Cottage and Village industries in India problems and prospects Cottage Industry is a form of small scale industry where the productivity of the good£ takes place in the houses of the workers, and the workforce include the members of the family. The equipment’s used to generate products are not the hi-tech ones but … Read more

Seasonal Climatic Conditions In India

 Seasonal Climatic conditions in India Climate in India varies significantly from the permanently snow-capped Himalayas in the north to the tropics in the south. The country has four seasons. December to February is relatively dry and cool, March to May is dry and hot, from June to September predominating southwest maritime winds bring … Read more