Adi Andhra And Non Brahmins Movements

 Adi-Andhra The Adi Andhra are a Scheduled caste of people living in south India. A Scheduled caste means that they are disadvantaged and victims of past discrimination. The Indian government provides guaranteed places in education and public jobs for them. As of 2001 only about 60% of the Adi Andhra could read and … Read more

Contribution Of Qutubshahis To Andhra History And Culture

 Contribution of Qutubshahis to Andhra History and Culture-Regional Literature- Praja Kavi -Vemana and others The history of India from the conquest of North India by Mohammed of Ghur in 1192 AD to the beginning of Mughal Empire in 1526 AD is usually considered the history of Delhi Sultanate. However, this sultanate was only … Read more