DMPQ- List out main Yogic practices which are being practiced for prevention and management of diseases

Shatkarma: These are six cleansing techniques in Yoga used to clean the internal organs and systems of the body. These are called as the process of detoxification. Shatkarmas are Neti, Dhouti, Basti, Kapalabhati, Nauli, Trataka. Yogasana: These are special patterns of body that stabilise the mind through static stretching. Yogasanas are psycho-physical in nature. They … Read more

DMPQ:Why do earthquake occur? Which regions of the world are highly prone to earthquakes and why? Analyse.

Main causes of the earthquake are plate tectonics, volcaniceruption or anthropogenic activities like explosions, reservoir induced seismicity etc. There is arelease of huge amount of energy in the form of sound and seismic waves causing shaking of earth’s surface. The regions which are on the  boundaries of the tectonic plates are more prone to earthquake.  … Read more

DMPQ- What were the causes which led to The Battle of Plassey ?

The illegal use of Mughal Imperial export trade permits (dastaks) granted to the British in 1717, for engaging in internal trade within India. The British cited this permit as their excuse for not paying taxes to the Bengal Nawab. British interference in the Nawab’s court, and particularly their support for one of his aunts, Ghaseti … Read more

DMPQ- What are the factors which control the salinity of the oceans?

Factors poignant ocean salinity are : The salinity of water within the surface layer of oceans rely in the main on evaporation and precipitation. Wind, additionally influences salinity of a district by transferring water to different areas. The ocean currents contribute to the salinity variations. Salinity, temperature and density of water are interconnected. Hence, any … Read more

DMPQ- What are the compulsory provisions which are binding on all States under 74th Constitutional Amendment ?

Some of the compulsory provisions which are binding on all States are: Constitution of Nagar panchayats, municipal councils and municipal corporations in transitional areas (areas in transition from a rural area to urban area), smaller urban areas and larger urban areas respectively; Reservation of seats in urban local bodies for Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes … Read more

DMPQ: What were the factors which lead to the unification of the hitherto fragmented and diversified India in the 19th century? ( HISTORY)

Britishers rule was draining the economic resources from India but to unification of the country required administrative and economic unity. The by product of this policy was rise of nationalism and collective identity finding coherence in the form of national movement. Similar education, police system, judicial system , railways, telegraphy , postal system, introduction of … Read more

DMPQ: What are the tools through which judiciary has a control executive? (polity)

Tools:   President speech is put to vote. Financial control: Budget discussion Audit report submission by CAG Reports of the estimates committee and Public accounts committee Other form of control: Question hour Calling attention motion Short discussions Zero hour No confidence motion Confidence motion Committee on assurances Committee on subordinate legislation