Changing Status Of Women And Social Movements

 Changing status of women and social movements The status of women has been the central concern of many reform move­ments before and after independence. Leaders of the Brahmo Samaj and the Arya Samaj were concerned with issues like sati, remarriage, divorce, female education, purdah system, polygamy, and dowry. women’s participation in movements has … Read more

DMPQ- Write an essay on the status of women in Gupta Period.

The Gupta Empire was observed as the classical age of Indian culture because of its legendary and artistic happenings. Some information on roles for leading women comes from the Kama Sutra, a manual about the many ways to acquire pleasure, a legitimate goal for Hindu men in the householder, or second stage, of their lives. … Read more

DMPQ- Comment on the current status of Technology and Innovation in India.

Recognizing the crucial role of technology and innovation in economic development, India’s policy makers have taken several initiatives to promote science, technology and innovation. Various schemes have been launched to attract, nurture and retain young researchers and women scientists in the field of scientific research. Some important achievements in the field of science and technology … Read more

DMPQ: India has been accorded observer status in the arctic council. What are the implications for India. (IR)

The Arctic Council is the leading intergovernmental forum promoting cooperation, coordination and interaction among the Arctic States, Arctic indigenous communities and other Arctic inhabitants on common Arctic issues, in particular on issues of sustainable development and environmental protection in the Arctic. IMPLICATION OF OBSERVER STATUS TO INDIA: Observers do not have a role in decision … Read more