National And State SCST Commission

 National and state SC/ST commission National SC commission National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC) is an Indian constitutional body established with a view to provide safeguards against the exploitation of Scheduled Castes to promote and protect their social, educational, economic and cultural interests, special provisions were made in the Constitution.   Functions To … Read more

Concept Of State And Sovereignty

 Concept of State and Sovereignty The State is a social contract, a guarantee of social order in exchange for which the citizens agree to reduce their freedom.According to Carré de Malberg, one of France’s leading constitutional scholars, « the state is a community of men attached to a territory with an organization, from … Read more

State Politics

 State Politics of Rajasthan: Party System, Political Demography, Different phases of Political competition in Rajasthan       The state with an area of 3, 42, is divided into two types of constituencies- – the Parliamentary Constituency and the Assembly Constituency.   The predominant political parties in the state are the Indian National … Read more

Bifurcation Of Powers Between Centre And State

 Bifurcation of powers between centre and state (state list, union list and concurrent list) The main characteristic of a federal constitution is the distribution of powers between the union and the states. The Indian constitution provides for a new kind of federalism to meet India’s peculiar needs. In the matter of distribution of … Read more

State Finances And Local Finances

 State finances and local finances State finances The constitution (73rd and 74th) Amendment Acts, 1992 and Article 280 (3) (c) have altered the erstwhile fiscal devolution system and framework between the states and local governments. Under the new fiscal devolution system every state government is required to constitute, once in five years, a … Read more

DMPQ- Write a short note on the Centre State Financial Relations.

Indian Constitution has made elaborate provisions, relating to the distribution of the taxes as well as non-tax revenues and the power of borrowing, supplemented by provisions for grants-in-aid by the Union to the States.  Article 268 to 293 deals with the provisions of financial relations between Centre and States. The Constitution divides the taxing powers … Read more

Central And State Government Privileges

 Central and State Government Privileges Section 123 of the Indian Evidence Act Evidence as to affairs of State:  No one shall be permitted to give any evidence derived from unpublished official records relating to any affairs of State, except with the permission of the officer at the head of the department concerned, who … Read more