DMPQ- Highlight the Possible Solutions of the Energy Crisis in India.

  Move Towards Renewable Resources The best possible solution is to reduce the world’s dependence on non-renewable resources and to improve overall conservation efforts. Much of the industrial age was created using fossil fuels, but there is also known technology that uses other types of renewable energies – such as steam, solar and wind. The … Read more

DMPQ:What possible solutions do you suggest for Land reforms and irrigation? (ECONOMY)

Land reforms: Distribute ceiling-surplus and waste lands; Prevent diversion of prime agricultural land and forest to corporate sector for non-agricultural purposes. Ensure grazing rights and seasonal access to forests to tribals and pastoralists, and access to common property resources. Establish a National Land Use Advisory Service, which would have the capacity to link land use … Read more

DMPQ: Write in brief about causes and solutions of climate change.

Climate Change It is the long term change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods of time Though it has been happening naturally for millions of years, in recent years it has accelerated due to anthropogenic causes and has been causing global warming. UNFCCC defines climate change as – “a change of climate … Read more

Suggest solutions to deal with the structural challenges of the Indian economy.

Solutions:   Allowing market to penetrate in the non -efficient areas. Government need to do way with the fear of private sector intrusion and instead adopt the role of facilitator. Intellectual property rights need to be preserved and ecosystem of safety of IPR should be there. Rational and quick decision making on the unviable public … Read more