DMPQ- What are the Salient Features of Right To Information Act 2005

Replaced Freedom of Information Act 2002. Jammu and Kashmir has separate Right To Information Act – RTI 2009. RTI relaxes restrictions placed by Official Secrets Act 1923. 3 Levels – Public Information Officer, First Appellate Authority, Central Information Commission(CIC). Time period for Public Information Officer : Expeditiously or within 30 daysfrom the date of receipt by public authority. … Read more

DMPQ- Mention the Salient features of Indian constitution.

The bulkiest constitution of the world The Indian constitution is one of the bulkiest constitution of the world, comprising of 395 articles, 22 parts and 12 schedules. So far the constitution underwent 100 amendments. Rigidity and flexibility  The Indian constitution is combination of rigidity and flexibility, which means some parts of it can be amended … Read more

DMPQ- Outline the salient features of National intellectual Policy Rights in India.

The National Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy 2016 was adopted on 12.5.2016 as a vision document to guide future development of IPRs in the country. This has led to the following achievements:- Strengthening of Institutional Mechanism Clearing Backlog/ Reducing Pendency Increase in Filings of Patents IP Process Re-engineering Creating IPR Awareness vi.        IPRs in School … Read more

DMPQ- Analyse the Salient Features of Labour Legislations.

Social Equity Another principle on which labour legislation is based on social equity. Legislation based on social justice fixes a definite standard for adoption for the future, taking into consideration the events and circumstances of the past and the present. Social Justice In an industrial set up, social justice means an equitable distribution of profits … Read more

DMPQ:What are the salient features of National Electronic Policy?

The Union Cabinet  gave its approval to the National Policy on Electronics 2019 (NPE 2019), proposed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). The Policy envisions positioning India as a global hub for Electronics System Design and Manufacturing – (ESDM) by encouraging and driving capabilities in the country for developing core components, including … Read more

Salient Features Of The Representation Of Peoples Act 1951

 People are the supreme power in the democratic country. Accordingly the People of India solemnly resolved that India is a democratic country. As we know that the India is a largest democracy in the world. The term Democracy mentioned in the Preamble of the constitution of India in the broader sense embracing not only … Read more

DMPQ: Salient features of NREGA act. ( ACT)

All rural households in rural areas, whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work eligible. Job card under the act is the right of every rural household wiling to work on NREGA and applies for it,   Choice of works done through village level plans and 50% or more of work to be executed … Read more