DMPQ: . Write a short note on G7. (IR)

G7 is a group consisting of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  The European Union is also represented within the G7. These countries are the seven major advanced economies as reported by the International Monetary Fund.  Formally called G8 with Russia in it, but due to Crimean crisis Russia … Read more

DMPQ: Write a short note on the Hague code of conduct. (IR)

HCOC is a voluntary and legally non-binding regime to prevent the proliferation of ballistic missiles which are capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).   It was established on 25 November 2002. The HCoC does not ban ballistic missiles but works to restrict their production, testing, and export. It is only multilateral transparency and confidence … Read more

DMPQ: Write short note on e-court project. (POLITY)

.   It is one of the reform in our judicial system.  The E-Courts Project was conceptualised on the basis of “National Policy and Action Plan for Implementation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Indian Judiciary – 2005” submitted by e-Committee of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The e-Courts National portal also provides training … Read more

DMPQ: Write a short note on Sayyid Ahmad Khan and the Aligarh movement.

He said that religion should be adaptable with time or else it would become fossilised, and that religious tenets were not immutable. He advocated a critical approach and freedom of thought and no dependence on tradition or custom. He was also a zealous educationist—as an official, he opened schools in towns, got books translated into … Read more

DMPQ: Write a short note on the republican constitution of the The Licchavi’s .

There were two Systems of government in the Eastern region. The states of Anga, Magadha, Vatsa etc. were monarchies. Those of Kasf, Kaulala, Videha etc. on the other band were republics. Two of these republics were quite well known, the Republics of the Vajjis or Licchavis and that of the Mallas. Republics were later developments of monarchies and the precursors of democracies. The Licchavis founded their Republic … Read more

DMPQ: Write a short note on Kidney Disease and Dialysis

  A person can live a normal, healthy life with just one kidney. However, at least one kidney must function properly to maintain life. Diseases that threaten the health and functioning of the kidneys include kidney stones, infections, and diabetes. Kidney stones are mineral crystals that form in urine inside the kidney. They may be … Read more

DMPQ: Write a short note on different types of Rural settelement.

Types of Rural Settlements: Geographers have suggested various schemes of classification. If we group settlements found all over the country, these can broadly be grouped under four categories: Compact/clustered/nucleated settlement Semi-compact/Semi-clustered/fragmented settlement Hemleted settlement Dispersed settlement   Compact Settlements: As the name suggests, these settlements have closely built up area. Therefore in such settlements all … Read more

DMPQ: Write a short note on the world heritage sites in India.

world heritage sites in India Mahabodhi Temple The Mahabodhi Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is an ancient, but much rebuilt and restored, Buddhist temple in Bodh Gaya, marking the location where the Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment. Bodh Gaya (in Gaya district) is about 96 km (60 mi) from Patna, Bihar state, … Read more