P And SM (Preventive And Social Medicine),

 P and SM (Preventive and Social Medicine) The name preventive and social medicine emphasizes the role of: Disease prevention in general through immunization, adequate nutrition, etc. in addition to the routine hygiene measures, and Social factors in health and disease. The name preventive and social medicine has gained wide acceptance in the past … Read more

Preliminary Idea Of Medicine And Its Classification

 Preliminary idea of medicine and its classification Medicine is the field of health and healing. It includes nurses, doctors, and various specialists. It covers diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, medical research, and many other aspects of health. Medicine aims to promote and maintain health and wellbeing.  Conventional modern medicine is sometimes called … Read more

DMPQ- What are the main Branches of medicine ?

There are many branches in medicine. Here are some of them. Anatomy: This is the study of the physical structure of the body. Biochemistry: A biochemist studies chemical components and how they affect the body. Biomechanics: This focuses on the structure of biological systems in the body and how they work, using a mechanical approach. … Read more

Allopathic, Indian System Of Medicine, Naturopathy And Yoga (AYUSH)

 Allopathic, Indian System of Medicine, Naturopathy and Yoga (AYUSH) An AYUSH system of medicine includes Indian systems of medicine and Homeopathy. AYUSH is an acronym for Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Sowa Rigpa, and Homoeopathy. Ayurveda is the oldest system with documented history of its practice since more than 5000 years … Read more