Expanding Horizons Of Fundamental Rights

 Expanding horizons of Fundamental Rights; Enforceability against State and others Founding fathers influenced by Bill of Rights of American Constitution, Declaration of Rights of Man of France, The Irish Constitution of 1935, the post war Constitution of Japan & Burma, the Universal Human Rights’ Chapter & Nehru Report of 1928 engrafted fundamental rights … Read more

DMPQ- Fundamental rights in India are not immune from criticism. Comment.

The FRs enshrined in Part III of the Constitution have met with a wide range and varied criticism. Excessive Limitations They are subjected to innumerable exceptions, restrictions, qualifications and explanations. Hence, the critics remarked that the Constitution grants Fundamental Rights with one hand and takes them away with the other. No Social and Economic Rights … Read more

DMPQ: Discuss the nature of Fundamental rights. (polity)

  FR’s are not absolute in nature. Except Fundamental rights guaranteed under Articles 20 and 21 remaining Fundamental rights can be suspended during operation of National Emergency. Available against the arbitrary action of the state. FR’s are generally negative in character. Can be amended provided they amendment do not affect the basic structure of the … Read more