Advance Infrastructure in Rural Areas

Advance Infrastructure in Rural Areas Good quality infrastructure is critical to sustainable growth, especially for rural areas. As over 60 per cent of the population lives in rural areas, with low levels of per capital income, there is need to impart greater attention in improving rural infrastructure. Currently the rural infrastructure is inadequate to support … Read more

17-18.12.17 APSC (Assam) Current Affairs

ASSAM   Dense fog hits traffic in Guwahati, Northeast-bound trains run late   Dense fog affected life in the northeast in the last 24 hours with visibility reducing significantly around Guwahati in the early hours on Saturday. While many NE-bound trains were running late, traffic movement in the city was also hit.   The lowest … Read more

Assam Food security

Assam  Food security:- Security of food, in simplest terminology, implies adequate intake of food by every individual without any difficulty or anxiety. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 recognised right to food as a core element of an adequate standard ofliving. Following this, and more specially from world food crisis of 1972-74, food … Read more