Evolution And Geomorphology Of The Indian Subcontinent

 Evolution and Geomorphology of the Indian Subcontinent About 140 million years ago the main landmass on Earth was concentrated together in a super continent called Gondwana which started to break up in four tectonic plates; African, Antarctic, Australian and Indian plates. The rifting is thought to be caused by the rising of a … Read more

DMPQ- Analyse the Historical evolution of Institutions of developmental finance in India.

The process started instantly after Independence, with the setting up of the Industrial Finance Corporation (IFCI) in 1948 to embark on long term term-financing for industries. State Financial Corporations (SFCs) were formed under an Act that came into effect from August 1952 to endorse state-level, small and medium-sized industries with industrial finance. In January 1955, … Read more

DMPQ: Discuss the evolution of civil services in India? (History)

Lord Cornwallis is usually known as the Father of civil services in India. He had introduced the Covenanted Civil Services and the Uncovenanted Civil Services. The Covenanted Civil Services was created out of the Law of the Company. It was the higher civil services and comprised, almost exclusively, of Europeans who were paid very high … Read more

DMPQ: Trace the evolution and growth of Jainism in India.

Jainism grew in India many thousands of years ago. As with Hinduism, some Jains believe that the origins are millions of years ago, although obviously it is impossible to verify the exact origins. The more realistic assessment is that the religion dates back to the second or third millennium BCE, and there are archaeological remnants … Read more

Evolution of Public Administration in India

Public Administration is a sub-division of the broader concept of administration. Administration means ‘to serve’, or ‘to manage affairs’. In this sense, administration means management of the affairs of an organization. And Public administration means management of Governmental affairs and activities. Thus, Public administration is primarily concerned with the implementation of Governmental policies. History of … Read more

Origin and evolution of earth

    Beginning of the Universe started about 13.6 billion years ago,when the Big Bang created the universe from a point source. During this process, light elements, like H, He, Li, B, and Be formed. From this point in time, the universe began to expand and has been expanding ever since. Concentrations of gas and … Read more