DMPQ- Discuss the following terms: a) IMPRINT b) STAR

IMPRINT: IMPRINT is the first of its kind MHRD supported Pan-IIT + IISc joint initiative to address the major science and engineering challenges that India must address and champion to enable, empower and embolden the nation for inclusive growth and self-reliance. This novel initiative with twofold mandate is aimed at: (a) Developing new engineering education … Read more

DMPQ- Discuss India’s SEZ policy.

The Special Economic Zones Act, 2005, was passed by Parliament in May, 2005. 2. After extensive consultations, the SEZ Act, 2005, supported by SEZ Rules, came into effect in, 2006, providing for drastic simplification of procedures and for single window clearance on matters relating to central as well as state governments. The main objectives of … Read more

DMPQ- Discuss the condition that lead to the insurgency in North east.

The conditions can be summarised as below:   Large scale migration has created a fear in the minds of people that they will be reduced to minority in their own states or regions. Migrants threaten their culture sand traditions and also occupy already limited employment opportunities. Migration of Muslims has also imparted it a communal … Read more

DMPQ: Discuss the issues with the Unlawful activities and prevention act.

Pursuant to the acceptance of recommendations of the Committee on National Integration and Regionalisation, the Constitution (Sixteenth Amendment) Act, 1963 was enacted to impose, by law, reasonable restrictions in the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India. In order to implement the provisions of 1963 Act, the Unlawful Activities act was passed.   Issues … Read more

DMPQ: What are tribunals? Discuss the issues attached with tribunals.

Tribunals are established as per appropriate statutory provisions and are observed as an alternative medium to the conventional judicial bodies for the redressal of grievances and settling disputes. A tribunal, in a plain language, is a. body of administrative character that has been powered with judicial powers to adjudicate one question of law or fact … Read more

DMPQ: What is Nagaraj judgement? Discuss in detail. (POLITY)

Nagaraj and others vs Union of India and others, 2006 was judgement passed against in the case of petition filed against the constitutional validity of &77, 81, 82 and 85 amendment act. 77 CAA- inserted clause 4A in article 16( equality of opportunity in matters of public employment; reservation in promotion) 81 CAA- inserted clause … Read more

DMPQ: Application of nanotechnology in the field of electronics and IT application. Discuss. (SCIENCE)

  Miniaturisation of the transistor size. Smaller, faster and better transistors may mean that soon your computer’s entire memory may be stored on a single tiny chip. Using magnetic random access memory (MRAM), computers will be able to “boot” almost instantly. MRAM is enabled by nanometer‐scale magnetic tunnel junctions and can quickly and effectively save … Read more

DMPQ: What is captive breeding programme? Discuss its advantage(SCIENCE)

Captive breeding is the process of breeding animals outside of their natural environment in restricted conditions in farms, zoos or other closed facilities. The choice of individual animals that are to be part of a captive breeding population, and the mating partners within that population, are controlled by humans. Advantages: • Endangered animals have a … Read more