Classification of climates, (Koppen and Thornthwaite)

  Climatic Regions of India : Koeppen’s Classification Climate Type Climatic Region Annual Rainfall in the Region Amw (Monsoon type with shorter dry winter season) Western coastal region, south of Mumbai over 300 cm As (Monsoon type with dry season in high sun period) Coromandel coast = Coastal Tamil Nadu and adjoining areas of Andhra Pradesh … Read more

Classification of Eco-system

  Natural Ecosystem- Terrestrial- Forests, Grasslands, Deserts Aquatic- Fresh Waters, Saline Waters, Marine Waters Ecotone :- a zone of junction between two or more diverse ecosystems. For e.g. the mangrove forests represent an ecotone between marine and terrestrial ecosystem. Characteristics of Ecotone It may be very narrow or quite wide. It has the conditions intermediate … Read more