Bifurcation Of Powers Between Centre And State

 Bifurcation of powers between centre and state (state list, union list and concurrent list) The main characteristic of a federal constitution is the distribution of powers between the union and the states. The Indian constitution provides for a new kind of federalism to meet India’s peculiar needs. In the matter of distribution of … Read more

DMPQ- Write a short note on the Centre State Financial Relations.

Indian Constitution has made elaborate provisions, relating to the distribution of the taxes as well as non-tax revenues and the power of borrowing, supplemented by provisions for grants-in-aid by the Union to the States.  Article 268 to 293 deals with the provisions of financial relations between Centre and States. The Constitution divides the taxing powers … Read more

DMPQ- Evaluate the centre State Relations During Emergencies

Under President’s Rule: The State Governments cannot ignore the directions of the Union Government, otherwise the President can take the action against the Government of the State stating that the administration cannot be carried on the accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and thus can impose President’s rule on the State. In such an … Read more

DMPQ: What are the areas of concerns in centre and state relationship?

  Appointment of governor. Reservation of bill by governor for President assent. Allegation of use of central agency to serve political vendetta. Appointment of civil servants and Management of All India services. Control over finance. Role of planning commission now NITI aayog in approving state subjects. Appointment of enquiry commissions against the chief minister. Control … Read more