DMPQ- Explain the Interrelationship between agriculture and industry

Industry is not the substitute of agriculture, rather they are complementary to one another. Both these sectors are so attached with each other that it is not possible to increase the growth of one sector sector without the improvement of the other sector. If agriculture is considered as the ‘heart’ of the country, then obviously … Read more

DMPQ:What is the difference between Ethics and law?

Ethics Law It tells what a man ought to do Law tell what man can and cannot do. Man is guilty even if he think so Guilty only if committed the crime Ethical has larger scope Narrow scope as compared to Ethics Law can be used as tool to enforce ethics Ethics sometimes is the … Read more

DMPQ:Constitution of India ensured a cordial relation between centre and state. But over the period of time lot of tension areas developed. What are the tension areas between centre and state?

These are as follows: Mode of appointment and dismissal of Governor Discriminatory and partisan role of governor Imposition of president’s rule Deployment of center forces in the states to maintain law and order Reservation of state bills for the consideration of the president Discrimination in financial allocations to the states Role of planning commission (now … Read more

DMPQ:What were the factors that led to the rift between extremist and moderates and eventually Surat Split?

The Extremists wanted to extend the Boycott and Swadeshi Movement to regions outsideBengal and also to include all forms of associations (such as government service, law courts,legislative councils, etc.) within the boycott programme and thus start a nationwide massmovement. The Moderates, on the other hand, were not in favour of extending the movement beyondBengal and … Read more

DMPQ- Highlight the Main Differences Between Mathura School of Arts and Gandhara School of Arts.

Main Differences Between Mathura School of Arts and Gandhara School of Arts-   (1) Origin Mathura School: No foreign Influence, however, later it cross fertilized with the Gandhara School. Its development took place indigenously. Gandhara School: Strong Greek influence.  Was based on Greco-Roman norms encapsulating foreign techniques and an alien spirit. It is also known as Graeco-Buddhist … Read more

DMPQ- Differentiate between the role of Estimates Committee and Public Accounts Committee

Estimates Committee Estimates Committee was first established during British Era in 1920s but Independent India’s first Estimates Committee was established in 1950. This committee examines the estimates included in the budget and suggests ‘economies’ in public expenditure. The Estimates Committee has 30 members and all these members are from Lok Sabha. There is no Rajya … Read more

DMPQ- What is the difference between full budget and vote on account?

  Full Budget deals with both expenditure and revenue side but Vote-on-account deals only with the expenditure side of the government’s budget. The vote-on-account is normally valid for two months but a full budget is valid for 12 months (a financial year). As a convention, a vote-on-account is treated as a formal matter and passed … Read more