30-31.03.19 APSC (Assam) Current Affairs

ASSAM   Assam History : The Chutiya state   The Chutiya also known as Sutiya kingdom was established on the north bank of the   River Brahmaputra in north-eastern Assam and parts of Arunachal Pradesh by Birpal.   They were a Tibeto-Burmese race who secured power in Assam at the same time as the Khen … Read more

29.03.19 APSC (Assam) Current Affairs

ASSAM   Assam History : The Kachari state   The rulers of Dimasa Kachari Kingdom belonged to the Dimasa people, The Kachari kingdom a nd others (Kamata, Sutiya), led by chieftains of indigenous tribes, developed in the wake of the Kamarupa kingdom, were examples of indigenous state formations in Medieval Assam. Remnant of the Kachari … Read more

28.03.19 APSC (Assam) Current Affairs

ASSAM   Sukapha and establishment of Ahom Kingdom in Assam   Ahoms was a Tai-Mongoloid group who migrated to Assam from around present-day   Yunan Province of China. Siu -ka -pha was the first Ahom king in Assam. The Ahoms were given stiff resistance by the Kacharis who dominated eastern Assam. But slowly and steadily, … Read more

27.03.19 APSC (Assam) Current Affairs

ASSAM   Political conditions of the Brahmaputra valley at the time offoundation of the Ahom kingdom   The dynasty of Pralamba assumed power at around 800 A.D. There were around twenty rulers from this dynasty. By 1000 A.D, the Pal dynasty came into focus with the rule of Brahma Pal. Several rulers from this dynasty … Read more

26.03.19 APSC (Assam) Current Affairs

ASSAM   Chief Electoral Officer of Assam Mukesh Sahu launched a new initiative called the Enajori in Guwahati   Chief Electoral Officer of Assam Mukesh Sahu launched a new initiative called ‘the Enajori’ at Janata Bhawan, Dispur in Guwahati for persons with disabilities with an aim that ‘No Voter to be Left behind’. The initiative … Read more

24-25.03.19 APSC (Assam) Current Affairs

ASSAM   Assam launched initiatives to educate voter   Assam State government has launchedinitiatives to educate voters. Folk song competitions, quiz programmes and appeals by celebrities are some of the initiatives being undertaken by the election office in Assam for attracting women, first-time voters, people with physical disabilities and senior citizens to cast their votes. Sprinter Hima … Read more

23.03.19 APSC (Assam) Current Affairs

ASSAM   Bongaigaon dist admin develops ‘Sankalp’ app to reach out to 1st-time voter   In Assam, the Bongaigaon district administration has developed a mobile app Sankalp to particularly reach out to the first-time voters.   Bongaigaon Deputy Commissioner Adil Khan said that a special initiative has been taken to encourage the first-time voters.   … Read more

21-22.03.19 APSC (Assam) Current Affairs

ASSAM ICICI Bank wins Rs 400 crore case against Assam Oil in UK   ICICI Bank UK has won a £44 million (Rs 401 crore) case against Assam Oil, the parent company of India’s oldest tea company, at the high court in London.   The UK subsidiary of ICICI Bank was suing Assam Oil, registered in England, the parent company … Read more

20.03.19 APSC (Assam) Current Affairs

ASSAM   Assam’s groundwater contamination will worsen, experts warn In northeast India, Assam is in the middle of a grave groundwater contamination crisis. According to government estimates, fluoride contamination affects 23 districts and arsenic contamination affects 24 districts (out of a total 33) in the state. Even as people grapple to survive this basic necessity … Read more

19.03.19 APSC (Assam) Current Affairs

ASSAM   Assam gets digital awareness, launches i-help initiative to promote electoral literacy   Assam launched an initiative ‘i-help’ to promote digital electoral literacy in the state launched in view of the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls. The ‘i-help’ is a joint initiative of the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO)and Common Service Centres (CSC)in Assam. The CSCs … Read more