30.04.21 Daily APSC Current Affairs

ASSAM Quake effect: IIT-Guwahati for seismic micro zonation in urban areas   As Assam continued to feel aftershocks after last week’s earthquake, IIT-Guwahati has said seismic microzonation of urban areas should be carried out and the earthquake-resistant design must be strictly enforced in the state as it comes under zone 5, the seismic risk in the present day situation is … Read more

29.04.21 Daily APSC Current Affairs

ASSAM In a first for Assam, lone woman in new cabinet gets finance   Chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma  allocated the finance portfolio to the lone woman member of his cabinet Ajanta Neog, making her the first female finance minister of the state. In the last NDA government, Sarma had held this portfolio. Sarma kept the departments … Read more

28.04.21 Daily APSC Current Affairs

ASSAM Assamese short film ‘Xogun’ finds space at New York festival   Assamese short film ‘Xogun’ (Vulture), adapted from the much-acclaimed short story bearing the same name by noted writer-journalist Manoj Kumar Goswami and scripted and directed by national award winner Utpal Borpujari, has been selected for the 21st New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF). Produced by … Read more

27.04.21 Daily APSC Current Affairs

ASSAM   The Contradiction Between The Four Factors Behind The Frequent Earthquakes In Northern Assam Regular earthquakes in northern Assam’s Sonitpur region are caused by four causes, one of which is an unfamiliar lineament. Lineament is the linear feature in the landscape, determined by basic geological structures such as faults. According to the Geological Survey … Read more

26.04.21 Daily APSC Current Affairs

ASSAM   Earthquake in the State of Assam Seven back-to-back earthquakes came about in Assam and different north jap states. The first shocks had been of 6.4 magnitude. Later, the jolts were at 3.2 to 3.4 magnitude in Richter scale. Roads have been cracked and buildings tilted in Sonitpur and Nagaon. The prevalence of earthquakes … Read more

24-25.04.21 Daily APSC Current Affairs

ASSAM Barak Valley to play pivotal role in govt formation in Assam   Neglected in the sphere of development, the Barak Valley could play a vital role during the formation of the next government in Assam.   Sources said amongst the 15 constituencies – seven in Cachar, five in Karimganj, and three in Hailakandi district – the Muslim … Read more

23.04.21 Daily APSC Current Affairs

ASSAM Moorhen Yoga Mat Biodegradable Mat   The biodegradable yoga mat developed by 6 young girls in Assam can prevent hyacinths from harming the lake.   The water hyacinth of the fishing community in Assam developed a biodegradable and compostable yoga mat. The mat is also called as “Moorhen Yoga Mat” It will be introduced … Read more

22.04.21 Daily APSC Current Affairs

ASSAM Puppetry Art-form of Assam – Putola Nach Assam currently made videos using the ordinary art known as “Putola Nach”. The art structure was once used to take the messages associated with COVID-19 to the public via social media. Highlights: ♦ The videos were produced in collaboration with UNICEF. The names of the videos had … Read more

21.04.21 Daily APSC Current Affairs

ASSAM   Assam: 50% attendance in schools, univs in districts having over 100 cases   Assam  re-clamped 50% attendance rule in classes from upper primary to university level, including technical colleges, in districts having more than 100 active Covid-19 cases and ordered online teaching for pre-primary to lower primary level classes, which have been already … Read more

20.04.21 Daily APSC Current Affairs

ASSAM   Assam plans to turn hotels into Covid observation centres   The Assam health department has asked the respective district authorities to explore the possibilities of turning hotels near hospitals into observation centres to accommodate the growing number of asymptomatic patients.The Assam health department has asked the respective district authorities to explore the possibilities … Read more