dmpq-. Write a short note on Champaran Movement (1917).

Mahatma Gandhi, after his struggle against apartheid in South Africa (racial discrimination against the blacks) for almost twenty years, returned to India in 1915.  On Gokhale’s advice, he spent a year travelling around British India to understand the problems of Indians. He initially maintained a distance from political affairs, including the Home Rule Movement that … Read more

24.02.22 APSC Daily Current Affairs

ASSAM Assam CM announces construction of Lachit Samadhi, Alaboi war memorial To mark the 400th birth anniversary celebrations of LachitBorphukan, Assam Chief Minister HimantaBiswaSarma has announced building a Lachit Samadhi this year along with the construction of a war memorial on the Alaboi war. The CM made this announcement in the Cabinet meeting held on … Read more

dmpq-Discuss the the idea of forming Asset reconstruction Company (ARC) to solve the crisis of Agriculture loan.

In September, 2021 at a meeting of the Indian Banks’ Association, the idea of floating an asset reconstruction company (ARC) to improve the recovery from bad loans in the agricultural sector was discussed. The arguments offered in favour of such a mechanism are straightforward. As agricultural markets are dispersed, a single institution, as opposed to … Read more

dmpq-Throw light on the drawbacks of regulated Agriculture markets.

The regulated market aims at the elimination of unhealthy and unscrupulous practices, reducing market costs and providing benefits to both producers as well as the sellers in the market. However, regulated markets had some drawbacks such as: Under this regulation, no exporter or processor could buy directly from farmers. It discouraged processing and exporting of … Read more