DMPQ-Development is major tool to fight against extremism. Discuss how Underdevelopment leads to the rise of extremism.

It has been the policy of governments around the world today to emphasize inclusive development, but there are always groups in every state who feel alienated because they feel left out of the developmental efforts.

These perceptions combined with inefficient and corrupt governance create the condition for extremism and militancy to grow. The absence of efforts, misgovernance, and the inability of the system to include the marginalized communities lead to violence and extremism more than the actual lack of development.

Left-wing extremism (LWE), or Naxalism is a far-left extremist ideology. It derives its ideas from communism and emphasizes the progress of people’s social and economic lives through armed revolution to create a classless society.

Naxalism originated as a rebellion against the lack of development and poverty at the local level in the rural parts of eastern India.  It is also important to understand that emergence of Naxalism is a result of the various fragmentations of communist ideologies in India over time.

It is vital to strengthen the state’s protective shield against the multi-faceted exploitation of these populations. The constitutional and civil rights protections related to legislation should be made more effective concerning Schedule castes and scheduled tribes.  Land-related policies should be made more accessible to the vulnerable sections of the agrarian society. The development of beneficial land policies will improve food and livelihood security, and lesser actions of extremism.

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