DMPQ-Discuss the recently announced National Strategy for Additive Manufacturing policy.

.  Ministry of electronics and information technology (MeitY) released the National Strategy for Additive Manufacturing policy to cater to next-generation digital manufacturing and mitigate immediate disabilities of local industries.

Additive manufacturing is also known as 3D printing, refers to the construction of a three-dimensional object from a digital 3D model by adding materials layer by layer.

It uses computer-aided designing to make prototypes or working models of objects by laying down successive layers of materials such as plastic, resin, thermoplastic, metal, fiber, or ceramic.

Key points

  • The National Strategy on Additive manufacturing (AM) will aim to create a conducive ecosystem for design, development, and deployment, and to overcome technical and economic barriers for Global AM leaders to set up their operations with supporting ancillaries in India.
  • The mission is to ensure the creation of a sustainable ecosystem for the AM industry to compete globally, encourage AM transformation and driving capabilities in the country for developing core competencies, and position India as a global Innovation and Research hub for AM.
  • It aims to ensure AM manufactured end-user functional components for domestic and export markets, and promote the creation of Indian IPR.
  • The MeitY aims to increase India’s share in global additive manufacturing to 5 percent by 2025, with hopes that it could likely add $ 1 billion to the GDP by that time.
  • As per the strategy, by 2025, India will aim to achieve certain targets such as 50 India-specific technologies for material, machine, and software, 100 new startups for additive manufacturing, 500 new products, and jobs to at least 1 lakh new skilled workers.
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