DMPQ-Throw light on some of the failures of Non alignment movement. Discuss its significance in current global scenario.

Failure of Non-Aligned Movement The Non-Aligned Movement marked 60 years since its start in the 1960s, and its relevance has come to be questioned in the current geopolitical scenario.

  • One of the principles of NAM was to respect sovereign domestic jurisdiction. This had created many alignments among the countries due to the lack of uniform structure.
  • The NAM has shown a tendency to ignore some of the human rights violations committed by member countries. NAM could not stop the arms race and bring an end to Nuclear Proliferation.
  • It could not prevent regional confrontations. The lack of collective action and collective self-reliance, and the failure to establish an international economic order.

Non-Aligned Movement has the potential to never be irrelevant because in principle it provides a strong base to the foreign policy of its members.  It is the basis of “Strategic Autonomy”, which is the need of the hour of today’s world. The principles of NAM still can guide the nations towards it.

NAM is a platform where India can assert its soft power and provide active leadership by being a torchbearer for smaller countries at multilateral platforms.

It should be used as a platform to raise global issues like terrorism, climate change, trade protectionism, and others.  NAM platform can be used to garner support from South-East Asian countries like Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines against Chinese assertion in the South China Sea and related island and border disputes.

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