dmpq-Discuss Police Reforms in India Against the backdrop of T P Senkumar Case.

The Supreme Court for the first time in history, on 24-04-17, ordered the reinstatement of ousted Kerala DGP T.P. Senkumar, sending out a clear message that police officers cannot be made “scapegoats” by politicians in power.

The decision is likely to have repercussions in States were police chiefs were removed by the political dispensation against the Supreme Court’s ruling in Prakash Singh Case (we will be discussing the same below) that DGP should have a fixed tenure of two years and not be subject to the whims of the political powers in the State.

T P Senkumar – DGP of Kerala – was transferred by the Left Democratic Front government led by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to the Kerala Police Housing and Construction Ltd as its chairman and managing director. Lokanath Behara had replaced him as the new DGP.

Though it may be argued that the government has the right to appoint a DGP of its choice, but Senkumar had argued that the case against him reeked of arbitrariness and was a result of his fair and efficient probe in the cases of political murders in the state, wherein some leaders of the present government were found to be accused.

In a major verdict, the Supreme Court ordered the Kerala government to restore the services of ousted DGP T P Senkumar holding that his removal was arbitrary and not as per established law. It’s rare for the apex court to interfere in such appointments and the ruling has led to a debate on judicial overreach.

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