dmpq-Critically analyse of the Recent Steps for Lateral Entry into Civil Services.

Several steps have been taken by the current government to enhance the qualitative value of civil servants in India. One among them is the instruction issued by the Prime Minister’s Office to the Department of Personnel and Training to prepare a memorandum on induction of outsiders in the middle rung of ministries that deal with economy and infrastructure.

This announcement has caused an upheaval of speculations in both the political and administrative circles of the country. As rightly pointed out by Honorable Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor in the Question Hour of Lok Sabha, there are underlying vacancies in different departments of multiple ministries and also inefficiencies in the existing system of complacent bureaucracy. The government has to take leapfrogging measures to arrive at a political consensus for reforms in bureaucracy.

The recruitment in the lateral entry can be done for specific mission-mode projects. Eg, Nandan Nilekani for the Aadhaar Project. Transparent recruitment as per recommendations of 10th ARC report to ensure clearly defined service rules and accountability. Norms should be liberalized for civil servants to work outside the government with multilateral agencies, nonprofits or corporations.

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