dmpq-Discuss the significance of Supreme court’s decision of declaring Right to Privacy as a Fundamental Right .

. In a landmark judgement on 24-08-2017,  a nine-judge Supreme Court Constitutional bench declared Right to Privacy is a Fundamental Right. The stand taken by Supreme Court may turn as a massive setback to the Government’s push to link multiple identities with Aadhaar – which is alleged to compromise privacy.

It was the Aadhar push by the Central government, which made many citizens file petitions before the Supreme Court – to declare Privacy as Fundamental Right. There were 20+ Aadhar related cases. The petitioners wanted Supreme Court to recognize, among other things, a fundamental right to privacy under the Constitution.

Knowingly or unknowingly citizens share a lot of personal data in the technological age. This can be misused not only by Government but also big Companies. Recognising privacy as a fundamental right will create a change in the relationship between the State and the citizen Section 377 of IPC is now questionable.

DNA Profiling Bill may violate the right to privacy. This verdict on right to privacy will also challenge the validity of privacy policies of many companies (Eg: WhatsApp’s new privacy policy).

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