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Assam: Project Arohan

Assam government is set to launch a four-year mentorship programme called Project Arohan.

This project will be launched to provide guidance to students and boost their skills.


For this project, Assam Chief Minister HimantaBiswaSarma met Anita Rajan, CEO of Tata STRIVE, to sought their cooperation on this project.


Tata STRIVE is a skill development programme of Tata Trusts.




Tata STRIVE is an initiative of the TCIT. It was launched with the aim of Tata STRIVE started working under the parent head of Tata Trusts in FY 2017-18. It was started working a result of strategy of ‘Simplification, synergy and scale’ of Tata Group. This move recognises close synergies between Tata STRIVE and broader community interventions of Tata Trusts. This initiative is skilling youth from underprivileged backgrounds by means of innovations in technology, methodology and pedagogy. Since 2014, 6.5 Lakh Individuals have experienced the advantage of Tata STRIVE.



Indian Army’s Bent-Toed Gecko


A team of researchers recently discovered a new species of bent-toed gecko or lizard, from Umroi Military station in Ri-Bhoi district of Meghalaya.



The new species of Gecko or lizard belongs to the family of Cyrtodactylusexercitus (‘exercitus’ means army, in Latin).

It has been named to honour the valour of Indian Army for their services to India.


These new species was discovered as part of efforts of research team, to uncover herpetofaunal diversity of North East India.


Genus Cyrtodactylus


The genus Cyrtodactylus is represented by about 320 species across the world. It is the third most speciose vertebrate genus worldwide. Members of the genus range from South Asia to Melanesia. There is high diversity of the species in south Asia. North East India has now become home to 16 species of bent-toed gecko.


The new species of bent-toed gecko or Cyrtodactylus, from family of Cyrtodactyluskhasiensis, was discovered from Lunglei District of Mizoram. It is named as Cyrtodactyluslungleiensis. These geckos can be differentiated from other such species by a bent toe, which is similar to that of bird’s toe. The bent-toed geckos reside only in the wild amid rocks, bushes, and woods. This is the third discovery of a Cyrtodactylus species in Mizoram.





Hilal-e-Pakistan Award to Bill Gates


Bill Gates, noted philanthropist and creator of Microsoft have been awarded the Hilal-e-Pakistan, Pakistan’s second-highest civilian honor, for his efforts to help eradicate polio in the country.


Through Gavi, the vaccine alliance, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been a major donor towards global polio eradication.


GAVI is a public-private global health collaboration that aims to improve vaccination access in low-income countries. By monetary measure, Gavi distributed more than half of total donor aid for health and the majority of donor help for immunization. GAVI is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.




Extension of ‘RashtriyaUchchatarShikshaAbhiyan’ scheme

On February 18, 2022, Ministry of Education approved the continuation of ‘RashtriyaUchchatarShikshaAbhiyan (RUSA) Scheme’ till 2026.


RUSA is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS).

It was launched to fund state government universities and colleges for achieving the aims of equity, excellence and access.


Extension of RUSA


The new phase of RUSA has set target to reach out the unserved & underserved areas, difficult geographies, remote areas, rural areas, tier-2 cities, aspirational districts, areas with low GER, in order to benefit the most disadvantaged areas and Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Groups. Under the new phase, state governments will be supported for gender inclusion, ICT, equity initiatives, and enhancing employability through skill upgradation and vocationalisation.


New phase of the scheme will also implement some of the recommendations and aims of New Education Policy, that suggests some key changes to current higher education system in order to revamp & re-energize it and deliver quality higher education to all.


Phase 2 of Inter-Operable Criminal Justice System



The Government of India has approved Phase 2 of the Inter-Operable Criminal Justice System (ICJS). This project will cost Rs 3375 crore for the period 2022-23 to 2025-26. This project is being implemented by the National Crime Records Bureau.


ICJS Phase 2 would pave the way for more sophisticated and effective policing. The project would be implemented as a central sector scheme. A dedicated cloud-based infrastructure with high-speed connectivity would be used to access the ICJS system.


ICJS is a national platform that helps in integrating the nation’s primary IT system for criminal justice delivery. The ICJS project aims to connect the five pillars of the system which are:


  • police (through Criminal and Crime Tracking and Network Systems),
  • e-Forensics for forensic labs,
  • e-Courts for courts,
  • e-Prosecution for public prosecutors,
  • e-Prisons for prisons.

The initiative will be implemented by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in collaboration with the National Informatics Centre (NIC)


Meri Policy Mere Hath Door-step Campaign


With the Pradhan MantriFasalBimaYojana (PMFBY) entering the seventh year of implementation in the upcoming Kharif season, the government has announced a new doorstep crop insurance distribution policy known as ‘Meri Policy Mere Hath’.


The ‘Meri Policy Mere Hath’ door-step campaign has been launched to ensure that all farmers are well informed about their land records, policies, and the PMFBY’s claim and grievance redressal process.


In the upcoming Kharif season which will be beginning in June, the doorstep campaign will be launched in all implementing states.


About Pradhan MantriFasalBimaYojana


In the month of February 2016, PMFBY was launched with the aim of providing financial assistance to all the farmers who have suffered crop damage or loss from natural disasters. As of February 4, 2022, over 36 million farmer applications have been insured under this scheme with over Rs 1,07,059 crores in claims paid.


Labharthiyon Se Rubaroo initiative


Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs (MoHUA) interacted with the beneficiaries of Pradhan MantriAwasYojana (Urban) in virtual mode, under the “Labharthiyon se Rubaroo” initiative.


This initiative was launched for monitoring the progress of projects under the Mission by interacting with beneficiaries directly.

In the session, Secretary of MoHUA interacted with PMAY(U) beneficiaries from Assam, Kerala and Jharkhand to know about their empowerment stories and life transforming experiences after getting a pucca house of their own.


Virtual tour of their houses was also undertaken.


This was the 22nd edition of the Initiative, hosted by MoHUA with beneficiaries.

Objectives of Labarthiyon Se Rubaroo initiative are:


  1. To monitor the progress of housing projects
  2. To bring about able governance and transparency by interacting with the beneficiaries directly.
  3. To create a platform for officials from MoHUA and respective States/UTs
  4. To facilitate and expedite the construction of houses in their respective cities and
  5. To create a feeling of inclusiveness among beneficiaries.


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