dmpq-Define the concept of Brain drain. Discuss the Push factors responsible for the Brain drain.

The brain drain is the migration of educated persons from one country to another.  Primary external brain drain occurs when human resources leave their country to go work overseas in developed countries such as Europe, North America, and Australia.  Secondary external brain drain occurs when human resources leave their country to go work elsewhere in the nearby region.

Push factors for brain drain

Lack of higher education opportunities

The increasing cut-offs and legion of competitive exams make access to higher education difficult in India. Abroad, they have an advantage over students from other countries in terms of skills and knowledge.

Lack of financial research support

India’s Gross domestic expenditure on research has stayed at 0.7% of the GDP for years. India has one of the lowest GERD/GDP ratios among the BRICS nations. So, the minds in R&D tend to migrate to other countries to continue their research.


Developed countries offer better pay to sectors like health, research, IT, etc. Income is one of the main triggers of emigration from India.

Non-recognition of talents

The chances of being recognized in one’s field are difficult in a populace this large and with conventions preferring the glamour world over academic talent; bright minds choose foreign countries where their work is appreciated more.

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