DMPQ- . Explain the significance of women’s education in order to make india an empowered and inclusive society.

. Women’s Education play a significant role in making a country inclusive and empowered society in more than one ways.

Higher Social Return: The global average for the private rate of return (the increase in an individual’s earnings) with just one extra year ofschooling is about 9%, while the socialreturns of an extra year ofschool are even higher — above 10% at the secondary and higher education levels as per a decennial World Bank review.

Positive Impact of Higher Education: Interestingly, the private returns for women in higher education are much higher than for men — 11 to 17% as per different estimates. € This has clear policy implications. For their own empowerment, as well as for society at large, we must bring more and more women within the ambit of higher education.

Women Can Play Leadership Roles:Healthy, educated girls with equal accessto opportunities can grow into strong, smart women who can take on leadership roles in their countries. This will help in having a better view of women’s perspective in the government policies.

Poverty Alleviation: Women constitute almost half of the country’s population, therefore improving their condition in the country can immensely contribute to poverty alleviation. Women’s empowerment plays a catalytic role towards the achievement of transformational economic, political and social changes required for sustainable development.


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges for all including educators and students, especially forthose on the margins, including girls. However, with recent experiments and learning experience, informed targeting of ample resources and an agile policy environment, this challenge could well prove to be an opportunity. Given the right enabling environment, educational outcomes can be improved. Addressing gender bias in education requires providing social, financial and emotional support to the girl child.

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