DMPQ- Dropping out of schools of girls is the biggest challenge India is facing . State the causes of problems . Also suggest some measures to solve this challenge.

. For the past few decades, Indian women have taken a great stride in all fields of activity. Yet, a lot remains to be achieved. Indian women excelled in the Olympic Games for India. There is no reason for it to be otherwise in any other field, especially education, given the right support. As a nation, we can not afford to ignore half the potential workforce if we aspire to be an economic powerhouse. As a society, women can be the pivot to bring about critical and lasting social transformation. As individuals, they deserve a shot at being the very best they can. In this context there is a need to relook into various issues related to women’s education especially higher education.

State of girls dropping out

Reasons For Girls Dropping Out: The reasons for girls dropping out in India are varied. The primary ones are obvious: Girls drop out of school because, €

  • Engaged in domestic activities (31.9%) €
  • Have financial constraints (18.4%), €
  • Not interested in education (15.3%),
  • Get married (12.4%).

Gender Biases and Social Norms: The problem is not only rooted in poverty and poor quality of school education, but also gender biases and outdated social norms.

Low Expenditure on Girls Education: Deep-rooted gender biases are also reflected in the choice of schools, access to private tuitions and the choice of discipline in higher education.The average annual household expenditure on girls atthislevel is Rs 2,860 lessthan that on boys. In India, the average annual cost for professional courses is much higher compared to that of simple graduation programmes.


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