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Industrial Relation Rules Approved By Assam



The Assam cabinet enacted the “Industrial Relation Rules, 2021” on November 4, 2021, with the goal of protecting the rights of companies and employees.


♦ The purpose of the Industrial Relation Rules is to combine, simplify, and rationalize the rules of three core labor codes that deal with industrial relations.

♦ The Cabinet also authorized the “Assam Migrant Workers’ Food Security Scheme,” which will offer dry rations to migrant workers.

♦ Data about migrant workers accessible on the e-SHRAM portal and other resources will be used to distribute rations to them under this plan.

♦ deputy commissioners of Kamrup (Metro) and Kamrup (Rural) have also been authorized by the Assam cabinet to provide authorization to transfer land in protected areas or blocks without the state government’s previous approval.

Mission Basundhara

♦ This platform, dubbed “Mission Bashundhara,” was also created by the state government.

♦ Conversion of allotment certificate to periodic patta was added as a service on this webpage.

♦ Within three years of allotment, the Cabinet approved the conversion of allotment certificates to periodic patta in rural regions.

♦ The state government has determined that special seats in the state’s medical and dental colleges will be proportionately allocated between two areas for students from the tea garden community in the Brahmaputra and Barak valleys.




MoU Signed By India And World Bank For Meghalaya Health Care


A $40 million deal for improving the quality of health services in Meghalaya was signed by India and World Bank.


♦ This MoU will improve the state’s ability to respond to future health emergencies like the covid-19 epidemic.

♦ “Meghalaya Health Systems Strengthening Project” is the name of the project.

♦ The project will improve the state’s administration and governance capacities, as well as its healthcare facilities.

♦ It will improve the design and coverage of the state’s health insurance program.

♦ Certification and stronger human resource systems will help to improve the quality of health services.

♦ It will finally make drugs and diagnostics more accessible.

♦ This initiative will benefit all 11 of the state’s districts. It will also benefit healthcare workers in the primary and secondary sectors by improving clinical skills and bolstering planning and management capacities.




World Vegan Day Is Celebrated On 1 November


Every year on November 1st, the world celebrates World Vegan Day.


This day is observed to raise awareness of the advantages of veganism for humans, non-human animals, and the environment.

Vegan Day is a chance to raise awareness about the advantages of a vegan diet and veganism in general.

Louise Wallis, then-Chair of The Vegan Society in the United Kingdom, launched the day in 1994 to honor the 50th anniversary of the organization’s inception and the coining of the terms “vegan” and “veganism.”


India-ASEAN Start-Up Festival


PM Narendra Modi has proposed an India-ASEAN start-up festival on 28 October.


This announcement was made at the “18th India-ASEAN Summit,” a virtual conference of ASEAN leaders.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister also urged for an early revision of the ASEAN-India Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in goods, which India has been requesting for Indian companies to obtain better market access in the ASEAN area.

For India to solve the problem of non-tariff obstacles that Indian firms experience, ASEAN support for a revision of the FTA is critical.

The India-ASEAN start-up festival has been announced as part of India and ASEAN’s friendship year celebrations in 2022.


India Endorsed Emission List


India has officially endorsed a website created by Indian climate specialists that list industrialized countries’ historical carbon dioxide emissions.


The emission list was ratified by India ahead of the start of the 26th United Nations Conference of Parties (COP) in Glasgow, Scotland.

The goal of the Emission List was to emphasize the discrepancy in emissions between industrialized and poor countries.

On the one hand, developed countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, and Western Europe have a net carbon debt, while developing countries such as India and China have a net carbon credit.

As a result, the database emphasizes that industrialized countries should commit to more stringent emission reduction targets than emerging countries.





Sarthak – Indian Coast Guard Ship Launched


The Indian Coast Guard Ship commissioned by  K Natarajan, Director General of Indian Coast Guard (ICG) was launched on 28 October.


♦ The ship’s commissioning is a big boost for India’s maritime safety and security.

♦ The ICGS Sarthak will be based in Gujarat’s Porbandar.

♦ It will operate along India’s western coast, under the operational and administrative supervision of the Commander of the Coast Guard Region (Northwest).


The ship is equipped with cutting-edge technology, machinery, weapons, and sensors, allowing it to serve as a command platform.

♦ ICG is maritime law enforcement and search & rescue agency, operating under the Ministry of defense of India.


Dairy Sahakar Scheme- Highlights


On October 31, 2021, Minister of Home Affairs Amit Shah inaugurated the Dairy Sahakar Scheme.


♦ The Atmanirbhar Bharat scheme was founded in Anand, Gujarat, with the goal of doubling farmer income and creating an Atmanirbhar Bharat.

♦ The scheme was started with a Rs 5000 crore investment budget.

♦  To accomplish the aim of “from cooperation to prosperity,” it will be implemented by NCDC under the Ministry of Cooperation.

♦ NCDC will provide financial assistance to qualified cooperatives for milk procurement, bovine development, quality assurance, branding, packing, transportation, storage, and export of milk and milk products.


Samudrayan Project Launched By Minister Jitendra Singh


Dr. Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of State for Earth Sciences (Independent Charge), officially launched India’s first manned ocean mission, the “Samudrayan project,” in Chennai.


♦ The goal of the Unique Ocean Mission is to develop deep underwater human vehicles for subsea tasks.

♦ With this technology, India joins a select group of countries that have such underwater vehicles, including the United States, Russia, Japan, France, and China.


♦ The goal of the Unique Ocean Mission is to develop deep underwater human vehicles for subsea tasks.

♦ The ‘MATSYA 6000’ is the codename for the deepwater manned submersible.

♦ It was created by the National Institute of Ocean Technology in Chennai (NIOT).

♦ The method will aid deep-ocean research of non-living resources such as polymetallic manganese nodules, gas hydrates, hydro-thermal sulphides, and cobalt crusts, which have been found between 1000 and 5500 metres deep.

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