DMPQ-American revolution was not really a revolution.” Critically examine.

. In many respects, the American Revolution was the first of its kind. USA is one of the very few states in the world that underwent only one revolution. It is also among the small minority of the states, whose revolution, ideologies, and the regime established under it, lasted. There may be many theories of what constitutes a revolution but the simplest one is the definition of revolution.While some elements in the definition of revolution have a degree of commonness, still no single one is to be found common to all. However, a sudden change in the government structure signifies a revolution. And the government that ensued in the late 1700s was very different from its Royal English predecessor. The people of America and the people of Great Britain view authority, and thus, government, in distinct terms. This is due to the varied experiences and points of view of the American and the English people towards their government.

While the question of how revolutionary the American Revolution was remains an inherently unresolved issue, there is no doubt that the American experience was a real Revolution. It was a struggle to progress from dependent colonies to independent states, from monarchy to republic, from membership in an extended empire in which the several members were connected only through the center to participation in a singly federal nation and it succeeded.

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