Number of women cops in Punjab, Haryana below national average

Despite repeated advisories from the Union MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIrs (MHA) since 2013 to all states and union territories (UTs) to increase the number of woman police personnel to 33% of the total police force, the strength of woman cops of all ranks in Punjab and Haryana is lower than the national average of 10.3%.

As per the data compiled by Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D) of all states and UTs, of the actual strength of over 20.91 lakh police personnel across the country, the strength of women police personnel is just 2.15 lakh, which comes to 10.3%.

Punjab has 7,337 policewomen, which comes to 8.54% of the total strength of cops in the state. Neighbouring Haryana has 4,344 policewomen, amounting to 8.34% of the total number of cops.


Himachal Pradesh has done much better. The state’s police force has 3,375 woman cops, which comes to 19.15% of the total police force in the state.

Bihar tops the chart with 25.3% representation of women in state police force, followed by Himachal Pradesh. The hill state is followed by Tamil Nadu (18.5\%).

With 3.31%, Jammu and Kashmir has the lowest representation of women in the police, followed by Telangana (5.11%) and Tripura (5.13%).

Police is a state subject falling in List-II (state list) of the seventh schedule of the Constitution and it is primarily the responsibility of the state governments and UT administrations to recruit more women in police.

The MHA has issued advisories on April 22, 2013; May 21, 2014; May 12, 2015; June 21, 2019; and June 22, 2021, to all state governments and UTs to increase the representation of women to 33% of the total strength.

Also, all state governments have been requested to create additional posts of woman constables and subinspectors by converting the vacant posts of male constables.

The aim is that each police station should have at least three women sub-inspectors and 10 women police constables, so that a women’s help desk is manned round the clock.

MHA has also advised states and UTs to strengthen welfare measures for woman police personnel and ensure their safety and a conducive work environment, such as provision of housing and medical facilities and restroom facilities for women police personnel at police stations.


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