DMPQ- Special status is accorded to Nagaland under article 371A. What are the different provisions of the article?

Act of parliament relating to following matters would not apply to Nagaland unless state assembly so decides:

 Religious & social practices of Nagas
 Nagas customary law & procedure
 Administration of civil or criminal justice involving decisions according to Naga customary law
 Ownership & transfer of land & its resources

Special responsibility of governor wrt law & order in the state (after consulting COMs, but his decision will be final) regarding internal disturbances occurring in Naga hills mainly in Tuesang area (Special responsibility ceases if President directs so)
Governor has to ensure that money provided by the GOI out of consolidated fund of India for any specific purpose, is included in the demand for grant relating to that specific purpose only, not any other
A regional council for Tuensang district, consisting of 35 members should be formed & governor in his discretion shall make all the rules & terms regarding this council
For a period of 10 years, from formation of state of Nagaland or for further period as specified by Governor, on recommendations of regional council, following provisions would be operative for Tuensang district:

 Administration of Tuensang district shall be carried on by the governor
 Governor in his discretion shall arrange for equitable distribution of money, b/w Tuensang district & Rest of Nagaland, provided by center
 There shall be a minister for Tuensang affairs in state COMs
 Final decision on all matters relating to Tuensang district shall be made by governor in his discretion
 Members in Nagaland assembly from the Tuensang district are not elected directly by the people but by regional council

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