DMPQ- Terrorism has been used as a Tool of National Policy Of Pakistan. Comment

Pakistan has been accused by India, Afghanistan, the United States, the United Kingdom and many other countries of involvement in terrorism in Kashmir and Afghanistan. In July 2009, current President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari admitted that the Pakistani government had “created and nurtured” terrorist groups to achieve its short-term foreign policy goals. According to an analysis, Pakistan was the worlds ‘most active’ state sponsor of terrorism including aiding groups which were considered a direct threat to the world.

All apprehended or surrendered terrorists in J&K have admitted that Pakistan was training terrorists from various nationalities in camps in POK. Pakistan has denied any involvement in terrorist activities in Kashmir, arguing that it only provides political and moral support to the ‘freedom fighters’. The UN has publicly increased pressure on Pakistan on its inability to control its Afghanistan border and not restricting the activities of Taliban leaders who have been designated by the UN as terrorists. Abolition of Article 370 will enable the inclusive development of Kashmir , which has been opposed by Pakistan in various International forums.

Pakistan has also been playing both sides in the US “War on Terror”. Ahmed Rashid, a noted Pakistani journalist, has accused Pakistan’s ISI of providing help to the Taliban. Author Gordon Thomas stated that whilst aiding in the capture of al-Qaeda members, Pakistan “still sponsored terrorist groups in the disputed state of Kashmir, funding, training and arming them in their war on attrition against India”. Journalist Stephen Schwartz notes that several militant and criminal groups are “backed by senior officers in the Pakistani army, ISI and o8her armed bodies of the state”. According to author, Daniel Byman, “Pakistan is probably today’s most active sponsor of terrorism”.

The Inter-Services Intelligence is guilty of playing a role in major terrorist attacks across the world including the in the United States and many other attacks in India and Europe. Based on communication intercepts US intelligence agencies concluded Pakistan’s ISI was behind the 2008 attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul and the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.


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